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Brand New showroom model Viking 30"in Built In Wall Steam Oven. Comes with full manufacturer warranty. Model number: MVS0C530SS.

MVSOC 6 Series Combi Steam/ConvectTM Oven
30"W. Combi Steam/Convect Oven



  • Full Color Touch Navigation Display Control
  • Touch Navigation 2.13""W. x 3.75""H. and 4 Mechanical Buttons on Door
  • Cooking System
  • Convection Damper System that controls airflow in upper, mid and lower zones x Gentle Steam to Superheated Steam 90oF - 485oF
  • Dry Convection 212oF - 450oF
  • Cooking Modes
  • Steam Grill - Superheated Steam up to 485oF flowing from top
  • Steam Roast - Heated Steam up to 485oF flowing from top, mid and lower back side
  • Steam - Pure Steam flowing in all layers
  • Gentle Steam - 90oF - 150oF controls oven temperature with steam for proofing, defrosting, and warming
  • Convection Bake - Dry Convection Air flowing from top, mid and lower back side
  • Convection Broil - Dry Convection Air flowing from top side
  • Proofing, defrosting, and warming
  • Dual Cook - Combination top steam grill and lower level steam
  • Cooking Features
  • Smart Cook - 58 pre-set cook options using Convection Bake, Steam Grill, Steam Roast and Steam
  • Steam Options - Steam Proof, Keep Warm, Simmer and Sauté
  • Steam Defrost
  • Manual Set - Steam Grill, Convection Broil, Steam Roast, Convection Bake, x Steam and Steam Refresh
  • Oven Interior
  • 1.1 Cubic Foot - Cavity Dimensions - 15.55""W. x 12.01""H. x 9.45""D. x Non-Stick Finish
  • Two Level Cooking - Damper Convection System
  • Two Baking/Steam Trays
  • Split set of wire cooking racks for one tray
  • Can be installed flush or standard mount



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