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PFD 104 SCVi Professional Fully Integrated Dishwasher by Miele comes with 16 Place Settings and also features 3D MultiFlexCutlery Tray, Knock2open and AutoOpen Assisted Drying. Available at AppliancesConnection Fully integrated Full-sizedishwasher with 3D MultiFle- cutlery tray for large loads of dishware in households, offices and utility areas. Wash performance - 16 place settings in just 24min. Flexible loading of wash items for the best cleaning results




  • Door opens automatically after two knocks - Knock2open


  • Everything completely dry - AutoOpen assisted drying


  • Innovative design and maximum convenience - 3D MultiFlexTray Maximum hygiene assurance Fresh water dishwashers change the water after each cycle. A thorough final rinse is then carried out using a temperature that has been adjusted to the washed items. This process ensures perfect dishwashing results and a very high standard of hygiene that clearly e- ceeds the requirements for commercial dishwashers.


  • Economical - Save money and be environmentally friendly: Miele Professional dishwashers offer impressive low consumption values and are known for ma- imum efficiency. This standard is applied right from the product development stage: Perfect dishwashing results should be achieved by using recyclable materials and no more water, energy and detergent than absolutely necessary. Ensures the optimum water hardness level - The built-in softener always delivers water with the optimum degree of hardness. The use of soft water allows detergent to be used sparingly and prolongs the life of the appliance. The degree of water hardness is adjusted manually to suit the on-site water quality. Effective against viruses - scientifically proven - According to the InFluenc_H Institute for Integrative Hygiene and Virology1, cleaning with PFD 10- dishwashers using Miele's ProCare Shine 11 OB and 12 GC cleaning agents removes enveloped and non-enveloped viruses (e.g., coronavirus, influenza, or noroviruses) in the Intensive & Hygiene programs, as well as enveloped viruses (but not the hepatitis B virus)


  • Dishwashing professionals for daily large loads of dishes - The ProfiLine dishwashers are the perfect solution wherever large amounts of dishware need to be washed. Even large amounts of dishware that accumulate during breaks, meetings and events are washed quickly and thoroughly. However, they are also really impressive for private households with a large amount of dishware to deal with. Gleaming results in no time - Are very short cycle times and sparkling results important to you?


  • If so, then Miele Professional dishwashers are the perfect choice for you: Hot waters and 3-phase current, intelligent dishwashing technology and a powerful heat-pump ensure optimum program durations and cleaning results. Take advantage of innovative features that make your dishware sparkle day after day in the shortest amount of time. For dry dishware in ne- t to no time - Even challenging items such as plastic dishware can start to dry before unloading. Thanks to the automatic door opening process at the end of the wash program, the drying process starts automatically without the need for manual input. Quality you can rely on - Durability: Miele Professional dishwashers are tested for a long service life. Simplest user interface - Intuitive & easy to operate: All programs can be selected quickly & started at the touch of a button. Brilliant visibility - When the dishwasher is opened, the patented door control automatically lights up 4 high-performance LEDs. The interior cabinet is illuminated and loading and unloading of the baskets is noticeably easier.



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